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PhD Students

I am passionate about supervising graduate students and am happy to supervise projects in any of my areas of research interests and beyond.

Current PhD Projects (stars indicate primary supervisor):

  • Jordan Scott, Epistemology of Racism, Rutgers, PhD expected 2025
  • Mia Accomando, Self-Location in Perception, Rutgers, PhD expected 2025

Defended PhD Projects (stars indicate primary supervisor):

  • ** Andrew Rubner, Natural Function and Perceptual Content, Rutgers, PhD 2024
  • ** Carolina Flores, Bad Believers, Rutgers, PhD 2022 (co-supervisor with Liz Camp)
  • Ting Fung Ho, Perception, University of Texas at Austin, external reader, PhD 2022
  • ** Olivia Odoffin, Emotions, Rutgers, PhD 2021
  • Veronica Gomez, Laws of Nature and Semantic Realism, Rutgers, PhD 2021
  • Christopher Willard-Kyle, Surprising Suspensions: The Epistemic Value of Being Ignorant, Rutgers, PhD 2020
  • David Anton Johnson, Deliberations, Rutgers, PhD 2020
  • Eli Shupe, Insight and Understanding, Rutgers, PhD 2020
  • Austin Baker, When Perception Bypasses Truth: Attention, Bias, and the Structure of Social Stereotypes, Rutgers, PhD 2019
  • ** Megan Feeney, A Defense of Liberalism in the Epistemology of Perception, Rutgers, PhD 2019
  • Kristoffer Sundberg, The Scope and Limits of Perceptual Contact, University of Oslo, external examiner, PhD 2019
  • Laura Callahan, Responsible for What’s Rational, Rutgers, PhD 2019
  • Anna Giustina, Introspection, Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Supérieure, external examiner, PhD 2018
  • Will Fleisher, Endorsement and Inquiry, Rutgers, PhD 2018
  • Mary Salvaggio, Reproductive and Reconstructive Memory, Rutgers, PhD 2018
  • Georgi Gardiner, In Pursuit of Understanding, Rutgers, PhD 2017
  • E.J. Green, Seeing the Structure of Objects, Rutgers, PhD 2016
  • Marco Alves, The Nature of Hallucinatory Experience, University of Texas at Austin, external reader, PhD 2014
  • Rami El Ali, Relationalism and Misperception, University of Miami, external reader, PhD 2014
  • Lisa Miracchi, Getting Things Done, Rutgers, PhD 2014
  • Kurt Sylvan, On the Normativity of Epistemic Rationality, Rutgers, PhD 2013
  • Kate Devitt, Homeostatic Epistemology: Reliability, Coherence, and Coordination in a Bayesian Virtue Epistemology, Rutgers, PhD 2013
  • Jonathan Tapsell, Models of Philosophical Thought Experimentation, ANU, 2009-2011, PhD 2014
  • Jonathan Farrell, “What it is Like”-Talk, ANU, 2009-2011, PhD 2014
  • Ole Koksvik, Intuition, ANU, PhD 2011