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Current Undergraduate Teaching

Graduate Teaching

  • Philosophy of Mind: Subjective Perspectives, cross-listed with Cog Sci, Spring 2024
  • Philosophy of Mind: Issues at the Intersection of Mind Epistemology, Spring 2023, (with Juan Comesana and Ernie Sosa)
  • Proseminar, Spring 2022, (with Paul Pietroski)
  • Philosophy of Mind: Mental Capacities, cross-listed with Cog Sci, Spring 2018
  • 3rd Year Paper Seminar, Fall 2016
  • Advanced Topics in Psychology, cross-listed with Cog Sci, Spring 2016
  • Advanced Topics in Epistemology, Sanders Seminar in Epistemology, Spring 2015
  • Philosophy of Mind: Spatial Perception, cross-listed with Cog Sci 600, Spring 2014 (with Brian McLaughlin)
  • Proseminar, Fall 2012 (with Branden Fitelson)
  • Philosophy of Mind: Perceptual Particularity, Spring 2012